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8/10/12/14mm Tibetan Buddhism Six Words Mantra Bracelets For Men Women Black Obsidian Amulet Lucky Bangles Jewelry with Gift Box

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Product Name:8/10/12/14mm Tibetan Buddhism Six Words Mantra Bracelets For Men Women Black Obsidian Amulet Lucky Bangles Jewelry with Gift Box

The Six-Character Great Bright Mantra can remove karmic obstacles from beginningless time, and it is like the Buddhas and Bodhisattvas who come to empower them. What’s more invaluable is that the Six-Character Great Bright Mantra uses six kinds of wisdom to deal with the different troubles of sentient beings in the six realms:


Om: The white light of equality of wisdom, purifies pride and ego in the way of heaven, and eliminates the suffering of degeneration and mutation.


M: The light of wisdom created by the greenness purifies the jealousy in the Asura path and eliminates the suffering of struggle.


Ni: The yellow light of self-generated primordial wisdom, purifies ignorance and greed in human beings, and eliminates the disasters of birth, old age, sickness, death, and poverty.


Compassion: The blue light of the Dharma Realm's body-nature wisdom, purifies the ignorance of the animal realm, and eliminates the dullness and suffering.


Beauty: The beauty of red is to observe the light of wisdom, purify the miserliness in the realm of hungry ghosts, and eliminate the suffering of hunger, thirst and thirst.


Hum: A great round mirror of black and blue light of wisdom, purifies hatred and hatred in hell, and eliminates heat, cold and bitterness.


The infinite merits of receiving and reciting the Six-Syllable Great Bright Mantra are beyond the reach of even the Buddhas. Some of the benefits are as follows:


1. The recipient's physical ailments and obstacles will be removed. The karma created is purified, and the seeds of wonderful sounds are sown. All the ignorance and ignorance of the thoughts will be purified and blessed by the wisdom of Buddhas and Bodhisattvas.


2. If the recipients practice diligently, they can transform the body, speech, and mind of ordinary people into the Vajra body, speech, and mind of Buddhas and Bodhisattvas, and can even cultivate the fleshly body into relics.


3. The recipient even recites the six-syllable Great Bright Mantra once, and he can gain immeasurable wisdom, eventually arousing compassion and consummating the Sixth Degree Paramita. In addition, he will be born as a holy king of wheel-turning, reach the state of a bodhisattva that will not turn back, and even become enlightened.


4. Anyone or non-human [seeing, hearing, feeling, feeling] (seeing, hearing, remembering, touching) to the six-character Great Bright Mantra, he immediately planted the cause of becoming a Buddha and Bodhisattva.




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