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Professional Ultra-fine No. 5 Acne Blackhead Removal Tweezers Beauty Salon Pimples Needles Deep Cleaner Clip Face Skin Care Tool

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Tweezer Tip Type: 2pcs-B set

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Boost your confidence and say yes!
Looking for extremely easy ways to get rid of stubborn blackheads, acne, pimples, comedones and milia?

1.Enjoy Dermatologist Tools and Professional Results at Home!
Instead of using unsanitary methods like fingers, treat your facial impurities hygienically and avoid causing unnecessary redness, irritation, or damage to your skin. Always have clear, clean and healthy facial skin.
2.Conforms to Your Facial Needs!
No matter the break out and no matter the hard-to-reach place they occur, we've got the right tool to clear it up - blackhead remover, splinter tweezers, milia treatment, pimple popper, and comedones acne extractor. Great for men and women, young and old!
3.Safe and Effective!
Thanks to 100% surgical stainless steel, these blackhead and comedones acne extractor tool kits are germ-free and a hygienic way to remove impurities and eradicate skin problems. Daily frequent use is not recommended. Disinfect tools before and after use.

1. Clean face with warm water to open up the pores
2. Disinfect the tools with boiling water or alcohol
3. Gently Press, clamp and remove the acne or blackhead
4. Apply your skin care routine

Warm tips:
1. Do not use the kit on acne that is not ripe enough.
2. Do not use on a daily basis.
3. Use medical alcohol to disinfect tools after and before use.

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